U.S. Iraq Business Initiative (USIBI) Overview

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki visits the U.S Chamber of Commerce - December 13, 2011The U.S.-Iraq Business Initiative is premised on the notion that we share Iraqis aspirations for a stable and dynamic nation with a vibrant and growing economy. As U.S. engagement in Iraq transitions to a more normalized diplomatic mission, the private sector will play an increasingly important role by bringing sharper commercial focus to Iraq’s mission of development and reconstruction. In anticipation of this transition, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the U.S.-Iraq Business Initiative in 2008 to foster increased commercial activity between the United States and Iraq and to follow through on the significant human and capital resources that the U.S. already committed to Iraq.

In Iraq, there are incredible opportunities in virtually every sector, from energy, electricity and housing to transportation, telecommunications, and healthcare. The Initiative furthers its mission and members interests through an extensive array of programs, direct engagement with Iraqi and U.S. government officials and business leaders, and by disseminating information and publications that detail Initiative activities, objectives, and commercial studies.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, through our Iraq Business Initiative, is leading the way in developing the growing commercial relationship between our two nations. We are not only providing our members with access to key decision makers, but also working to mold the policy and regulatory framework with the goals of ensuring greater certainty and encouraging increased investment in this burgeoning market.”

Steve Lutes, Director, U.S. Iraq-Business Initiative


About the Turkey and Middle East Affairs Department

The Chamber's Turkey and Middle East Affairs department is deeply committed to advancing the business goals of its member companies and we are expanding our capacity to keep abreast of fast-moving developments throughout the region. We do so while ensuring that we provide meaningful programmatic value to our members. By leveraging our relationships at the highest levels of the United States and regional governments, we are able to assure that the imperative of private sector-led growth remains at the forefront of the policy agenda. We are committed to fighting for greater protection of intellectual property rights and lower barriers to trade and investment. Through our Turkey and Middle East programming, our team works with regional partners to encourage the stability of regional governing structures and to ensure respect for the rule of law – critical elements of the enabling environment for long-term private sector growth and opportunity.


About the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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